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Firearms Information:
For hunters who bring their own firearms into Canada, a confirmed Non-Resident Firearm Declaration (CAFC 909) will serve as a licence and registration. The Non-Resident Firearms Declaration (CAFC 909), and it's continuation sheet (CAFC 909 EF) must be presented in triplicate, unsigned, to a Canada Customs officer at your first point of entry into Canada. There is a $50.00 CDN fee which is not included in the price of the hunt. For more information, phone 1-800-731-4000 or email canadian.firearms@justice.gc.ca or download the forms here: http://www.cfc-cafc.gc.ca

Make sure all weapons are properly set up before the hunt to minimize any problems that may arise. Contact us in person to insure your bring a large enough caliber rifle or bow set up. We will be happy to assist you in any way.

Attention Black Bear Rifle Hunters:
When hunting black bear over bait, shots are 20 to 40 yards max. So it is very important that you set up your rifle accordingly:

  • Use all lead bullets that are really slow out of the muzzle and are consistent.
  • Slowing the bullet down allows it to mushroom properly at close range.
  • Most big calibers do very little damage at close range if using a fast load.
  • When using a scope make sure you can properly focus at close range. Using high power scopes tend not to work well in the bush,
  • I recommend using a good quality 3x9 scope that gathers good light and performs well at close range.
  • Being confident with your setup is very important. Please call ahead of the hunt and I will be happy to answer any questions to help you prepare for the hunt.

Please contact me if you have questions about our hunts or how we can customize a hunt for you.

Brian Kitzan
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Phone: 780-939-6831 or Cell: 780-221- 2825
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