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Whitetail Deer Hunting Alberta, Canada

Alberta Whitetail Deer Hunting Canada
Whitetail Deer Hunting in Alberta, Canada
Join Burnt Lake Outfitters on our trophy whitetail deer hunts during the rut.

Why Book Your Whitetail Deer Rut Hunt With Burnt Lake Outfitters?
Our whitetail deer rut hunts are designed for the serious whitetail hunter. There's no better place to hunt free ranging whitetails in the peak of the rut than Alberta. I am proud to say we have a strict no baiting program in Alberta. Whitetail deer move naturally all day during the rut. We have a few mule deer tags and adding a mule deer hunt to this whitetail deer hunt will give you a great opportunity to take home two trophy bucks.

Our whitetail deer hunting area in northeast Alberta is the #1 whitetail deer hunting area in the province. Where the farmland meets Alberta's Boreal Forest, this is Alberta's premier area for big mature trophy Whitetails. Lakes, creeks, and rivers are throughout the area. With vast areas of forest surrounding the farm land, bucks can grow to full potential. Our area has consistently taken trophy class bucks. All of my whitetail hunts are guided by me personally to ensure a quality hunt. My knowledge of my area spans over 35 years. My personal service helps hunters adapt to any hunting situation that may occur during the hunt.

Trophy Alberta Whitetail Deer:
In the whitetail world of hunting, Alberta can only be described as world class. Mature bucks can grow well over 300lbs; heavy dark horns usually match these mature bucks, these features make for a great trophy mount. Whitetail bucks reaching the 200+ inch mark are not out of reach when hunting in our area. I consistently put hunters on mature bucks and harvesting a 150 B&C or better is excellent.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Methods:
All methods used during your hunt, rattling and grunting, can be very effective, these northern whitetail deer are not call shy. Ground blinds, ladder and tripod stands are used for stand hunting, patience and persistence is required when hunting these Alberta giants. I also offer spot and stalk hunts to break up those long days in the stand. Utilizing all of these tools make for a very enjoyable whitetail deer hunting experience.

Our whitetail deer rut hunts run during the month of November, with Mid November being the prime rut. We offer all inclusive 8 and 10 day hunt packages. Burnt Lake Outfitters strives to bring you trophy class whitetail deer hunting opportunities.

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